COED Fall Meeting 2020 Notes

The COED Fall Meeting has always represented a wonderful opportunity to connect with educational development colleagues and the first ever online Fall Meeting in 2020 hosted by the University of Waterloo honoured that tradition by connecting 124 participants from 46 institutions/organizations across Ontario and beyond!

The COED Fall 2020 Meeting took place over several days with live sessions on November 3rd, 4th and 5th, 2020 (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) from 1-4pm daily. Participants linked to live sessions and participated in a variety of asynchronous engagement opportunities from a central MS Teams hub hosted in the University of Waterloo Microsoft Teams space. Here our community shared resources and exchanged ideas on a wide-range of current issues in higher education.

Our live sessions began on Tuesday, November 3, 2020 with the Curriculum Working Group Pre-Meeting, where the discussion focused on two key areas: Strategies for conducting curriculum work remotely, and Calls to action as informed allies and curriculum leaders. On Wednesday, the Fall Meeting officially kicked off with a welcome from the Executive and look back at the past year in COED. After introducing the theme for the 2020 gatheringthe roles of place and space in higher education – we had the opportunity to hear personal reflections from our guest panelists before opening the floor for discussion.

On Thursday, participants had the opportunity to connect with colleagues on specific issues critical to our work. During the Membership Roundtable Discussions period, attendees had the chance to join in three such conversations!  Based on membership suggestions, 10 topic areas were identified and a bonus wildcard topic was added! Each topic was offered three times – once each round at 1pm1:30pm and 2pm.  Roundtable discussion topics included:

The Fall Meeting came to a close with an update from our COU representative, Katarina Todic, Senior Policy Analyst, followed by an introduction to our new Chairs-Elect, Robin Sutherland-Harris and Meagan Troop and very heartfelt thanks to our outgoing Chair, Sally Heath, before concluding with a look ahead to the coming year.

The executive is grateful to all who attended for bringing such energy and collegiality to the event. We are very appreciative of the level of engagement and care we see in this community, and look forward to navigating 2021 with you!