Curriculum CoP

Co-led by Beth Hundey and Heather Campbell

About the Curriculum CoP (CCoP)

The Curriculum Community of Practice (CCoP) is a community of practice for educational developers and others in higher education institutions in Ontario who support program-level development and analysis. This group is open to anyone who engages in curriculum development and quality assurance processes, whether it is their primary role or a portion of their responsibilities.

The CCoP typically meets virtually once a month to discuss topics of interest. Sometimes these monthly meetings have a particular theme, or a colleague may present something of interest to the group; other times it’s simply an opportunity for networking and general open discussion.

The CCoP is coordinated by one or two members who take responsibility for setting meetings, working with the group to determine agendas, etc. Determining coordinators for the group is an informal process — typically one or two people volunteer to coordinate, often for a period of two or so years. The current CCoP Coordinators are Beth Hundey and Heather Campbell of Western University.

CCoP Listserv

The Curriculum Community of Practice has a dedicated listserv for members of the group to share questions, ideas, and resources. If you would like to join the listserv, please send an email to

Once you’ve joined, emails can be sent to listserv members using

Join the Curriculum CoP in Fall 2022

Our group meets every third Tuesday of the month for check-ins, which are responsive to the membership’s current questions. It’s also a time where we connect and celebrate successes and share challenges. Over the past year, we also had a number of themed sessions, most recently discussing strategies for “saying no” and the role of the initial consult meeting on boundary setting in our work. The COED Curriculum CoP has over 90 members and is always accepting members. To join, email

CCoP at the COED Fall Meeting 2022

At the annual curriculum working group meeting in November 2021, the Curriculum group responded to the theme “The Times are Urgent; Let Us Slow Down” by revisiting the “Learn-Serve-Act” framework. We addressed a number of questions around curriculum and decolonization, and the work we are both compelled and requested to do in our institutions.

This year’s annual curriculum meeting on November 2, 2022, will be Beth and Heather’s last event as co-chairs, and so the executive is actively seeking volunteers to chair the Curriculum Community of Practice for 2022–23.