Asynchronous Reading Group

The COED Asynchronous Pedagogical Reading Group grew out of a collective desire for conversation and community-building during our distanced times. At the COED 2020 Fall Meeting, Ann Gagne suggested an asynchronous discussion model as a flexible way for members with action-packed schedules to exchange ideas generated through shared reading experiences. This was something that she had experienced within a reading group with members from different Southern Ontario institutions. A survey of the COED membership confirmed widespread interest in the initiative, gathered suggestions for readings, and gauged preferences for virtual discussion platforms.

We continue to explore what discussion tools and approaches might work best for COED members, and we encourage anyone interested in joining the conversation to get in touch to be added to the email list and receive notices when a new discussion is about to commence.

2021 Readings

February: A Teaching in Higher Ed podcast episode entitled “Ownership, Agency, and Equity in Faculty Development with Maha Bali and Autumn Caines” and the article upon which the podcast episode is based, Bali and Caines’s “A call for promoting ownership, equity, and agency in faculty development via connected learning” (pdf link).

March/April: Klodiana Kolomitro, Natasha Kenny & Suzanne Le-May Sheffield’s timely “A call to action: exploring and responding to educational developers’ workplace burnout and well-being in higher education.”

May: Mays Imad. (2021). Transcending Adversity: Trauma-Informed Educational Development. To Improve the Academy: A Journal of Educational Development. Special Issue: Vol. 39, No. 3, Educational Development in the Time of Crises. DOI:

June: A Tea for Teaching episode on “Academic Integrity