2018 Fall Meeting Notes

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On Thursday November 8, 2018, members of COED gathered in the Paul Martin Centre at Wilfrid Laurier University for the annual fall meeting. We had 47 participants from 14 institutions come together for a fulfilling day of networking, resource and idea sharing, and planning for the year ahead.

The day began with an entertaining highlight reel that documented the COED events, workshops and initiatives that had taken place this past year. Following that, everyone got to know each other a little bit better through an educational development-focused bingo game. Who knew adults could be so motivated by stickers?

The rest of the morning was spent in institutional groups putting together vision boards that reflected each unit’s priorities or goals for the coming year, which were then shared back with the larger group. It was amazing to see everyone so engaged in the activity and the incredibly creative results of the process!

COED gathered in the Paul Martin Centre at Wilfrid Laurier University
COED gathered in the Paul Martin Centre at Wilfrid Laurier University
COED gathered in the Paul Martin Centre at Wilfrid Laurier University

During the lunch break, Erin Aspenlieder facilitated a conversation of the Curriculum Working Group to discuss how members could continue to work together during the coming year. Joe Beer also led an optional lunch hour tour of Laurier’s newly renovated Teaching and Learning area.

The afternoon began with a panel discussion featuring COED legends Trevor Holmes, Erika Kustra, and Mary Wilson, who each provided some valuable context and history about COED and its origins, original objectives, and current affiliations, as well as sharing their thoughts about potential future directions for the group. We are incredibly grateful to the panelists for sharing their wisdom us all!

The panel discussion was designed to help set the stage for a carousel group activity where members were invited to share and record their opinions about what they had experienced to be the most valuable features of COED, what other relationships or affiliations for COED might be explored, and what the goals and priorities for COED should be in the coming year. This generated no shortage of ideas and action items! Key themes that emerged from this activity and debrief discussion included the provincial focus and networking value of COED, the need for clarity of purpose before pursuing any additional affiliations, the importance of mentorship and resource-sharing opportunities, and the potential for increased cross-institutional programming and knowledge sharing.

The day concluded with some announcements about upcoming events and initiatives of interest to COED members, as well as a group photo! Thank you to everyone who came to Laurier for this year’s meeting!

COED gathered in the Paul Martin Centre at Wilfrid Laurier University

The Fall Meeting also marks the transition of roles within the COED Executive. Beata Pawlowska concluded her three-year term and we are very grateful for the contributions that she made to COED during that time. Natasha May and Mandy Frake-Mistak transitioned to the role of Past-Chairs after a very successful year manning the helm as Co-Chairs, and Sally Heath moved into the role of Chair for 2018–2019. We are pleased to welcome Jessie Richards to the COED Executive in the role of Chair-Elect. The COED Executive is looking forward to a full and exciting year!